The World Is A Cesspit Of Lies

The world we live in has always been a cesspit of lies and deception. If you are lucky enough to be born within a loving family, then some jerks at school take “care” that you are miserable: bullying you, criticizing your body weight (too fat, too thin, too short, whatever).

There are always shmucks in this world. All kinds. That is why I have become the Angry Blogger, to stop the madness in my head and in my soul. BTW, do we have any soul at all? Title for another post. Bye.

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George Carlin on God – P #2

There are many reasons to love George Carlin, from his insightful dark humor to his ability to take abstract ideas and make them amusing and acceptable. However there are five main reasons we love George Carlin.

Even though he was officially a comedian, Mr. Carlin’s routine often contained some of the ideas that great thinkers have been debating about for centuries. He pointed out that, ” there is no present, only the immediate future and the recent past.”

Yes, you can say I’m a “Carlinist”

That is all for now. Have a wonderful evening 💪

Awesome Interview – P #1

Very interesting interview

BN: If you decided to be religious for a day, which religion would you choose and why?

I would choose to be a member of the Episcopal Church for three reasons. The first is the tradition of choral music built into their worship services. It is one of the world’s greatest artistic achievements.

Second is the inclusiveness. Women are not inferior to men and are not excluded from being eligible for holding the highest positions in the organization. And although it wasn’t always the case, marriage equality now exists in the Episcopal Church. LGBTQ people are no longer inferior like they still are in the Catholic Church I was born into. The Catholic Catechism explicitly states that “tradition has always declared that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered” and “under no circumstances can they be approved.” I will have no part of that.

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